IP Blocking - Login denied

For safety reasons, we have implemented various measures to detect login attempts and intrusion.
Your IP will get blocked and prevent your access to the server, this can be demonstrated in two ways:
- Can you view your web pages, but can not log into cPanel / Webmail because it receives the error (bad login data)?
Will have to wait about 15-30 minutes for the unlock be done automatically, if you need an unlock faster cotacte support via email suporte@cloud4you.pt or open a support ticket in your client page .
-You can not view any of your web pages or login using your e-mail (eg using Outlook), and it appears an error page saying that if IP has been blocked?
Follow the instructions on that page to report the error block. Or contact support.
Please remember to contact us by using the e-mail address registered in your client area, or directly using the tickets SUPPORT
These measures are implemented for your safety.
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